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The Live Video WEB Streaming is a solution!
Either through invitations or publicly, participants may follow the presentations or debates of your event via Internet using a simple link. The retransmission includes the possibility to display e.g. Powerpoint presentations as well as live filming of the speakers.

The video-streaming team may also come at any location in Brussels to proceed with the filming with one or several cameras (see OPTIONS menu). The team is working with conference centers which may be proposed as an "all included" option (renting of meeting room, catering, web streaming).

Multicam options are proposed to personalize the transmission with banners, logos, texts or selected images. Options are also opened to keep online the filmed transmissions for a period of 30 days (or more) after the event. 
The Live Video Streaming facility
Many international meetings are held in Brussels on a daily basis, in particular events concerning EU matters, from policy to research project discussions with a wide range of people from all Europe and beyond. In many instances, resources (both personal and financial) do not allow participants from abroad to attend meetings and video-conferencing facilities are not always available in various meeting locations. A flexible web streaming facility provides a solution for enabling connections to be made with participants not able to attend physically meetings. Another incentive, in a time of measures to mitigate climate change, is that web streaming enables to considerably reduce the carbon footprints of events.
Why opting for web streaming?
You wish to boost visibility of your workshop, conference, stakeholder meeting in Brussels while reducing carbon foot print?